About SEO Content Services from The Stellastra Effect

Founded in 2015 by an award-winning former journalist, The Stellastra Effect delivers consistent, scalable, high-quality SEO content for businesses of all kinds.

The SEO content that Stellastra’s highly trained writers create is compelling and informative, and it helps your business get more customers — all while following SEO best practices. After all, we’re writing content that we’re proud of and that you’ll be proud of too, so we’re as invested as you are in your future customers finding it on Google, Bing, and, yes, even DuckDuckGo.

Others call it magic. We call it
The Stellastra Effect.

Our clients stay with us for years because they know they can rely on us for quality, accuracy, and finesse with each piece of content.

Our content consistently outperforms because we’re hyper-focused on the one constant that ever-changing search engines hold in the highest esteem — quality. With us, there are no full rewrites to undergo, no lengthy and exasperated reviews just to get nowhere. Our proven infrastructure ensures accuracy from the get-go, with just the right touches to elevate your brand’s point of view. The result is content you can review and publish in minutes, not hours or days.

We’re award-winning!

The Stellastra Effect took home “Best Topic Specific Blog” from the 2023 Content Marketing Awards!

Why The Stellastra Effect for SEO content services?

Quality SEO content, first and always

We don’t take shortcuts when writing SEO-optimized content. Careful writing, editing, and fact-checking power every article, blog, web page, and other piece of content we create. In fact, we put your content through multiple rounds of internal review before you even see a draft. We set the bar sky-high for our website content writing team, and your business sees the results.

SEO-knowledgeable writers

Even the best digital marketing content can’t be found if it’s not written with SEO best practices at heart. That’s why Stellastra’s content writers are trained to think beyond the page in front of them and focus on keyword research, content structure, competitor analysis, and all the other factors that make our SEO content perform so well.

Custom SEO content plans for every client

No copy-paste content marketing strategy here — all our content planning is tailored to your business. Our content is wholly original and imbued with your brand voice and unique value propositions. With content marketing strategies based directly on your business goals, we set you far apart from the competition.

The Stellastra Effect staff

Stella Morrison

Founder & CEO

Areas of expertise:

  • Marketing, SEO, and branding
  • Restricted industries
  • Complex editorial strategies
  • People-focused leadership

Max Freedman

Managing Editor

Areas of expertise:

  • Commercial and personal banking and financial services
  • Small business and freelance taxation, financing, and accounting
  • LGBTQ+ culture and business
  • Music marketing and promotion

Natalie Hamingson

Staff Writer

Areas of expertise:

  • Lifestyle content
  • LGBTQ+ culture and social justice organizing
  • Business marketing content
  • Advertising agency operations

Shayna Waltower

Staff Writer

Areas of expertise:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Point of sale systems
  • Workplace operations and management
  • Cybersecurity

Jane Godiner

Freelance Writer

Areas of expertise:

  • Lifestyle content
  • Entertainment and culture
  • Art history
  • Corporate communications

Braden Hirschi

Freelance Writer

Areas of expertise:

  • Lifestyle content
  • Breaking news analysis
  • Food and cooking
  • Sports

Here’s what our clients have to say about The Stellastra Effect

“Stellastra provides its clients with high-quality, engaging content. The writers are incredibly talented, dedicated individuals who go above and beyond to ensure that clients are satisfied. They have a top-notch talent for crafting SEO-driven content that resonates with readers and captures brand tone and voice.”

– Calleah Johnson,
Team Lead and Project Manager, Improove

What other types of content does The Stellastra Effect write?

Sure, we eat, sleep, and breathe SEO content, but we excel at much more than that. Talk to us about:

Gated content

Content optimization

Case studies

Editorial strategy

Content audits

Content gap analysis

Revamping old content

Thought leadership

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