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New content creation is just one approach. Edit your existing library through optimized content services that help you reach new audiences and grow your business.

Why editors and marketers come to The Stellastra Effect for SEO content optimization

The Stellastra Effect is an indispensable partner that consistently delivers exceptional content that is as near to publish-ready as any I’ve seen in my time as an editor. They are able to handle a significant volume of work for us each month and were a critical component in ramping up our content output over the course of the last couple of years. They can also tackle a variety of jobs, from SEO updates to new articles to product and service reviews, each of which comes back on schedule and precisely in line with our requirements. Stellastra makes my job as an editor as easy as I could possibly hope.

– Adam Uzialko,
Editor, BusinessNewsDaily.com

Optimized content services offered by The Stellastra Effect

Content and competitor audits

We read your current content to identify pieces that are missing key formatting, sections, or information, while comparing your current content to your competitors and other content ranking for keywords related to your niche.

Content updates

We leverage SEO best practices to update and restructure content, ensuring your website is relevant and helpful to readers. We can also help you with technical SEO implementation as you update your content.

Technical SEO optimization

Although SEO content writing and editing is our bread and butter, we can get a little technical too. This side of SEO extends beyond keyword addition to improving your content titles, meta descriptions, image alt text, internal and external links, and schema tags.

How The Stellastra Effect works

1. Introducing ourselves to your content and branding

We visit all of your web pages and blog posts to get a sense of what your content is and isn’t achieving. We also go through your brand deck, style guide, and social media pages to understand how you position yourself and set your brand apart from other companies.

2. Finding the right content to optimize

We’ll work with you to identify your highest- and lowest-performing pieces. From there, we’ll assess which pieces are worthy of an update and which should be left behind. With a list and a plan, we’ll begin implementing our suggestions. 

3. Putting our SEO writers to the task

Through outlines, you’ll see what we plan to rearrange, add, and remove to update your content. And with your signoff, our writers start putting together your new content. From there, the content undergoes the same rigorous editing that all new content at The Stellastra Effect goes through.

4. Implementing your feedback

With a completed draft in hand, you’ll have the opportunity to review and make notes on the content. Once all stakeholders have reviewed this information, your content is ready to publish. 

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Meet the writers

Our team of former award-winning journalists, TV news reporters, and ad agency veterans knows how to make the best of your content. Get to know us below.

Why choose The Stellastra Effect?

We’re more than writers — we’re SEO content writers

Even the most meaningful, actionable content is far less likely to rank if no SEO has gone into it. Our team comprises expert writers who know both how to lay out an argument and float it to the top of search results

We’re an agency that doesn’t act like an agency

Not even the very best freelance SEO content optimizer can serve your every need. What if they take vacation, get sick, or lack expertise in a new service you’re onboarding? These aren’t issues with our agency, where a writer with ample background in your niche is always available. 

We work with all kinds of businesses

Lending services, meeting management platforms, home-lighting solutions, baby monitoring technology — the businesses we serve truly run the gamut. We know what audiences of all sorts seek from all kinds of content, and we have the experience and skills to optimize this content too.

We’re brand voice savants

If you compared an assortment of the pieces of content we’ve created for different clients, you might be shocked we wrote them all. Our content sounds like our clients, not us — and that’s exactly the point. We can take on any brand’s voice whether we’re writing content from scratch or optimizing what’s already on the page.

We think big-picture

We consider more than the piece of content we’re editing. We also hone in on the details — how our optimization can inform future optimizations on your website, whether the gaps we’ve found require new content. As we optimize your content, we consider the overall effects on your business and what more you’ll need. We’ll then help you meet that need.

FAQ about optimized content services

What is optimized content?

Optimized content is copy published online that’s written to maximize the potential for high rankings for select keywords. It’s content that reads well, suits your target audience’s needs, and organically reaches people.

Can you optimize existing content?

Absolutely! If anything, optimizing existing content is just as important as writing new content. That’s because your current content needs to keep up as search engine algorithms change how they rank content, as new information on the subject is published, and user search intents shift over time.

How does optimized content help improve search engine rankings?

Optimized content comes closer to satisfying present-day search engine algorithm requirements than content that was great when you first published it. This means that regularly optimizing your content increases the chances of it continuing to rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs).

How do I know when I need to optimize my content?

There’s no perfect timeline for optimizing your content. Generally, though, you want to revisit your content every few months to make sure nothing is out of date. To start, an annual audit is a great idea if you have a significant library of content.

Take these factors into consideration when considering if it’s time to optimize your content:

  • If there have been significant changes in your company, such as adding on new services
  • If you work in a fast-paced industry where changes and updates are common
  • If your existing body of content cites data from several years ago

Is it effective to only optimize current content without creating new content?

Although optimizing current content without creating new content can be effective, it’s never as effective as doing both simultaneously. In fact, many of our clients hire us to optimize their content and create new blog posts, web pages, landing pages, or anything in between. Visit our SEO content writing services page to learn more.

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