12 Advantages of Outsourcing SEO Content Writing Services


They say that greatness comes from within — but that can feel difficult to believe when you’re trying to create and publish top-notch content entirely in-house. After all, although content is key to building and growing your audience, content creation may not be super-high on your priority list.

This raises the question: Wouldn’t outsourcing your content creation make more sense? The answer is a resounding yes, especially if search engine optimization (SEO) is among your priorities. Below are the 12 biggest advantages of outsourcing SEO content writing services instead of doing it yourself.

1. Save valuable time — and money

Time is money, and outsourced content writers save you tons of both. Outsourced content writing services ideate, outline, research, write and revise all your content — no more work for you except quick final approval.

You’ll also save money through outsourcing content writing since you get time back for the tasks that directly drive your revenue. What’s more, when you outsource your SEO content writing, you don’t have to budget for a writing employee’s salary, benefits, and taxes. This saves you money and administrative work — a win-win if we say so ourselves.

2. Amp up your short-term content output 

Let’s say you’ve only found time to publish one blog post every two or three months. This situation is all too common, but it’s not doing your SEO any favors. Outsourcing to a content writing agency can rapidly solve this problem. With several expert writers newly in your count, you’ll quickly ramp up to publishing several blogs per week. This short-term bump in content production is an ideal foundation for a savvy long-term content marketing strategy.

3. Steadily scale your content output in the long term

As your newly increased output continues to build your search engine presence, you’ll need to publish more relevant content to remain competitive. At the same time, you can’t skimp on quality. This level of scaling is ambitious, especially when quality is concerned, but it’s entirely possible with an outsourced content team. In fact, this scaling is among the very biggest benefits of outsourcing your content.

When it’s time to scale, outsourcing content writing to an agency gets more writers involved in your publishing cycle. That’s true any time you need to scale, not just in the present tense. This is because agencies have enough in-house writers that they can bring new folks onto your account whenever it’s time to ramp up output. Scaling is part and parcel of agency work.

4. Create and publish content more consistently

Let’s say you’ve tried hiring a full-time writer in-house who, though great, can only publish so much content. This problem is understandable — a one-person team has an obvious maximum capacity — but not ideal. It disappears entirely when you outsource your SEO content writing. Your agency of choice will always have writers — plural — working on your account. Consistent content is an agency’s bread and butter.

5. Bring your copy to life with a fresh perspective

It’s one thing to write a blog post about a certain topic and include relevant keywords to drive your SEO. It’s another thing to write vivid, compelling copy that speaks to people and search engines. Only the professional content writers you’ll find when you outsource can pull off the latter. These are people whose whole careers come from their ability to turn words into magic. Where your own copy might speak, theirs sings.

6. Work with people who know your niche — and how to explain it

Maybe you’ve been kicking the can down the road on outsourcing your content creation since your niche is reputably difficult to understand and explain. Rest assured — content writers with expertise in your field exist. Maybe if your field is especially niche, these writers aren’t abound, but they’re certainly out there!

Alternatively, you may find that a content writing agency known for writing expertly about virtually any topic feels like the best fit. These agencies can be just as reliable as those with expertise in your field. If anything, the writers at these agencies might bring a fresh perspective to the table given that they’re coming at your field from the outside. These unusual ideas are key to distinguishing your content from the pack.

7. Find and leverage the unique ideas that convert customers

Excellent content blends clear expertise with concepts and advice that only your business can provide. Of course, it can be tough to brainstorm these out-of-the-box ideas when you’ve got so much else going on. Well, great news — one of the major advantages of outsourcing content creation is that your writers can do this for you. 

Great writers make unique connections among seemingly disparate points as they transform their research into compelling copy. This way, their copy makes as much sense as possible to both uninformed and expert readers. And sure, these ideas may not have come directly from your brain, but they’re still going directly into your content. That ties these actionable ideas to your company.

8. Try all kinds of new content formats and ideas

When your internal resources are limited, your content strategy might involve just the occasional new blog post. A truly excellent content strategy, though, is diverse. Alongside blog posts, it includes gated content, case studies, or even an e-book to help bring those qualified leads to your door, in addition to editing and updating your existing web content. 

That’s a whole lot for one person to handle, but it’s exactly what content writing services do on the regular. When you outsource your content to a team with expertise in several types of content, you get a robust, diverse strategy that drives SEO.

9. Get the best possible ROI

Maximizing your return on investment (ROI) is among the best-known advantages of outsourcing SEO content writing. For a yearly spend around the average salary of an experienced employee, you’ll get orders of magnitude more content than one person could create. 

This content will span different formats and combine undeniable subject-matter expertise with copy as compelling as in novels. It’ll also rank highly in searches for the keyword you’re targeting. When you combine this increased visibility with improved copy quality, your impressions and engagement will balloon. Plus, you won’t just rank on page one for your most important keywords — you’ll rank for more keywords in general. These results are certainly worth every dollar you spend.

10. Bolster your strategy, not just your content

Outsourcing your SEO content writing to an agency gets you the copy you need and additional expertise. Sure, not every agency will also market, advertise, or promote your content, but even those that don’t will gladly advise you on this. After all, experienced writers have seen what has and hasn’t worked when previous clients have marketed their content. This empowers them to suggest a strong course of action for you — all without you paying the high prices that full-on marketing agencies charge.

11. Maximize communication during your content creation process

While we think the reputation that writers have as bad emailers who rarely hit deadlines is wholly unfounded, we understand that this might concern you. When you outsource your SEO content writing to an agency, this worry disappears. 

Agency teams are large enough that all tasks are covered at all times, so someone is always available to write you back. Plus, regular client meetings are part and parcel of an agency’s process. Outsourcing SEO content creation means knowing where your copy is at all times — and getting what you need when you ask for it.

12. Build a lifelong business partnership

You probably understand what a relief it is to finally find that partner firm that checks all your boxes. It means no more searching for vendors and not being sure you’ll hit your goals. Not that these are concerns when outsourcing your SEO content writing — the ROI speaks for itself. This is why, once you’ve locked things in with an agency, you’ve found yourself a business partner for life. Goodbye long searches for the right firm, hello consistent content for good.

Why outsource SEO writing services?

The advantages of outsourcing SEO content writing services hold true no matter your situation. That said, there are certain situations that especially strongly call for outsourcing. These include:

  • Expanding your capabilities. The more customers or clients you serve, the more people you need to reach. Content is a great way to get this done, especially when you hand off the work to folks outside your team. This way, your employees can focus on the actual products or services powering your expansion, and you still create more engagement points for your customers. 
  • Launching a product. New products are a great occasion for a wellspring of content, including “how-to” guides, articles comparing your product to competitors, and buyer’s guides. You’ll need to publish these consistently in the weeks to months after your product launches, adding yet another task to your list. Outsource this to a content writing agency to get it off your plate while guaranteeing top quality. 
  • Meeting several clients’ content demands. Let’s say your business is an agency that provides dozens or hundreds or clients with lead generation services. Certainly, this involves content creation, but your in-house team might focus more on ads and technical SEO. You’ll likely fare better outsourcing your SEO content creation to an outside partner. They’ll create the content, and you’ll work your magic to maximize its exposure. And in many cases, this becomes a partnership where you do both together. 
  • Acting on a site audit. Figuring out which pages and blog posts on your website need revisions to maximize your SEO is always smart. But then comes the work of actually executing these revisions across your entire website. That’s a mountain of work for your team to take on. Let a content writing agency take that burden off your plate. The quality will speak for itself, as will the lack of stress you feel about scheduling these edits.

What are the main reasons for outsourcing SEO writing services?

Outsourcing your SEO content writing saves you invaluable time and money on scaling your content output in both the long and short term. It’s how you consistently publish highly engaging content that experts write — and to which they bring their own unique perspective. You’ll get major ROI, strategic insights, clear communications, and a new business partner to boot. Read the big list above for more details on this all.

How do you outsource content writing?

Searching for content writing services in your niche is a great first step for finding the right writers for your exact needs. After all, the firms that come up highest in your searches clearly have the SEO writing skills to get your content ranking highly too. 

You should contact whichever firm’s service pages and testimonials most clearly and unquestionably reflect their content writing prowess. Don’t be shy about asking for case studies or other proof of their success — the best agencies will gladly send this your way.

Next, you’ll sign a contract with your firm detailing the scope of the work. This is your jumping-off point for establishing how much content you expect to be produced. You’ll then set up processes for keyword approval and content outlining, drafting, editing, and publishing. From there, your content operation will get fully going in just weeks.

What to look for when outsourcing SEO content writing

The key qualities of great content marketing writers to look for as you outsource are:

  • Curiosity
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Excellent communication
  • Attention to your brand
  • Quick to learn
  • Rigorous fact-checking
  • Ample experience with several style guides and content formats
  • Adherence to deadlines
  • Excited acceptance of edits and new direction
  • Passion

That last one is especially important. Passionate writers — the kind who love both writing itself and the results it yields — can create great content on just about anything. That’s especially true if they have ample experience in more than just content.

Outsource your SEO content writing to The Stellastra Effect’s journalists turned content writers

When you choose The Stellastra Effect for your content writing, you work with award-winning former journalists. Our team knows how to conduct thorough research and dig out the human component in any story or topic to make it compelling. This is among the biggest advantages of outsourcing SEO content writing services to us — we know how to research and engagingly report on virtually anything. Book a consultation to learn how our background powers content that gets your website to the top of searches — and keeps customers on the page.

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