Benefits of Content Writing Services That Boost Your Bottom Line


When you’re hard at work handling your daily responsibilities, finding the time (let alone the motivation) to write blog posts for your website can feel impossible. Posting blogs, though, isn’t optional — without them, you lose out on all kinds of opportunities to sell your products and services. 

Of course, we’re not telling you to add another task to your list — we know you’re already doing the most! Instead, we’re saying that, instead of completely sidelining this need, you should hire a content writing service to cover it. Here are 12 benefits of content writing services that will make you want to hire one now.

1. You improve your company’s SEO

One of the primary objectives of publishing content is to signal your importance to search engines. This way, your website — and, by extension, your company — appears toward the top of search results of all sorts.

There’s a three-letter abbreviation you’ve probably heard for this: SEO. It stands for “search engine optimization,” and when you hire a content writing service, your website becomes much more optimized for search engines. That’s important — think about how often you search the internet for solutions and go with one of the first results. What if your company were one of these results too?

2. You scale your content operations

Great SEO requires a balance of quality and quantity. This tightrope is tough to walk if you’re a one-person operation or a small team — you can only create so much content without rushing. Of course, rushed content isn’t high-quality content, so it might not have the impact on potential customers you hoped it wuld. But if you only publish, say, one piece of content per month, you miss so many great opportunities to reach your audiences. 

When you bring in a content writing agency, you sustainably scale your content output. This takes care of the quantity concern, and it also gives you quality. Agency writers are content creation masters who do this day in and day out. For website content — and lots of it — that absolutely sings, a professional content writing service is an obvious choice.

3. You get consistent content

You address the quantity part of content creation most effectively when the amount of content you publish remains consistent each month. This is much more feasible with an expert team rather than when doing it all by yourself. In fact, content writing services typically create the same amount of content each month for their clients. And if you want more, just ask.

4. You get more than content

If only content writing were as simple as putting together a blog post about the first topic that pops into your head! Instead, you need to identify what your audience actually wants to read. Each topic then needs a content outline with lots of subsections that keep your blog posts or web pages competitive with similar content. 

Content writing services know how to identify the right topics, create outlines, and write the corresponding content. They often use special tools to do this — platforms you might not use often enough to justify implementing for yourself. Hiring a content writing service means you still get all the advantages of this technology and the expertise to make the most of it.

5. You make the best of your existing content

In content marketing, new content is only one tool at your disposal. You can also edit your existing content to maximize its SEO. Knowing how to go about this, though, requires content SEO expertise and special content tools — and content writing services leverage both.

A top-notch content writing service can assess your existing content for flaws and determine what changes will boost its SEO. The service will also make these changes on your behalf, all while still creating new content. This combination of perfecting what you have and creating more content to fill in the gaps is among the biggest benefits of content writing services. 

6. You get all kinds of experts in your court

Agency content writers are experts in content SEO, and that’s not all. Most content writers are experts in a handful of subject areas — personal finance, crypto, fashion, you name it. The right content writer also has the innate ability to quickly learn about new subject matter and write about it with authority. That’s why many content writers are former journalists, who are trained on skills like reporting, interviewing, and research that translate to meaningful, accurate content.

7. You drive more conversions without any extra work

Getting your target audience to take certain actions is your core goal day in and day out. It’s also not a goal with a start or finish line — it’s more like running around a track lap after lap without stopping. It takes a lot of energy, and it never ends, and the more help you can get with it, the better. This is one of the major benefits of content writing services.

The quality and quantity you get through content agencies increases the number of potential customer touchpoints for your company. Each of these touchpoints gives your customers an opportunity to take an action such as making a purchase. Content can drive this and other actions such as signing up for a mailing list. Whatever your goal is, the great content that agencies provide boosts conversions (customers who take the desired step). A high conversion rate is a sign that you’re reaching your customers effectively.

8. You bolster your brand

Your brand comprises every part of your company’s public-facing image, aesthetic, and overall vibe. Sure, this means things you might classically think of when it comes to branding, like a memorable logo or your standout colors (think T-Mobile’s magenta, a color so memorable, the company tried to trademark it). It also includes your content, and the best content agencies write for you in ways that reinforce your brand and, through it, engage your customers. 

Namely, great content agencies “chameleon” themselves into your brand voice. Their writers create written content that looks, sounds, and moves in a way so convincing that you might initially think you wrote it yourself. This gives your company personality and consistency that keep your target audience coming back for more. With each return customer visit to your website, that person becomes more likely to buy your products or services.

9. You get several rounds of editing on every piece

Getting the eyes of at least one other person on a piece of writing is a great way to catch and correct any errors while identifying gaps in logic that can weaken a piece of content if not addressed. Your content will look more confident and authoritative, and you’ll make your key points as clear as possible.

10. Your headlines truly pop

At content writing agencies, headline masters — geniuses at devising short, snappy phrases — are as common as highly skilled longform writers. This means that, when your content arrives in your inbox for review, it’ll be equipped with both an undeniable title and riveting body copy. You’ll have no trouble initially catching readers’ attention and keeping them hooked from start to finish.

11. You get more material for posting on social

As you scale your content creation operations, you generate more content, and each piece of content provides an opportunity for a social media post. Hiring content writers thus empowers you to expand your publishing of at least two types of content — blogs and social media posts. This one-two punch seamlessly expands your content calendar and schedule, thus streamlining your digital marketing.

12. You save time and money 

Hiring a content writing agency gives you hours per month back for other tasks that require your attention. Plus, agency rates are typically more affordable than what you’d pay an equivalent full-time employee’s salary, benefits, and taxes. With the best content writing agencies, the benefits extend from your wallet to your watch.

Why is content writing important?

Content writing is how you ensure that the blogs and articles you create achieve the results you desire. It’s the difference between publishing a decent blog and creating content optimized for appearing toward — or at — the top of relevant search results. 

All the above applies to publishing just one blog. Content writing performs at a much higher level when it encompasses several pieces of published content per month over months or years. Consistently sharing high-quality new content — or optimizing your existing content — ranks you for hundreds more keywords. It also multiplies your impressions and website traffic by orders of magnitude.

How can content writing help you grow your business?

As content writing grows the number of keywords your website ranks for and balloons your impressions and website traffic, your number of customer touchpoints increase. You get more opportunities to engage more customers and drive them to purchase your products or enroll in your services. The money you spend on content writing services brings in far more money to your bottom line.

What are the benefits of content writing for SEO?

The advantages of content writing for SEO include the following.

  • A high quantity of high-quality content increases your domain authority, thus further increasing your search engine result page (SERP) rankings.
  • A high quantity of high-quality content also boosts your subject matter authority, and this too increases your SERP rankings.
  • As you place internal links appropriately throughout the content you continue to publish, you further build your domain authority.
  • The more authoritative and high-quality your content, the more easily you can obtain backlinks from prominent websites. These backlinks further boost your rankings.
  • Identifying keywords your audience is searching for, then outlining — and writing — corresponding content ranks your website for a greater number of relevant terms.
  • Publishing engaging, actionable, varied, and relevant content increases the average duration of customers’ website visits, telling search engine algorithms to rank your content higher.

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The leads you need are just a few clicks away from reaching your website when you power your digital marketing with robust content writing. Most companies can’t quite handle this in-house, though, and that’s why they turn to The Stellastra Effect. 

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