Where Should I Post My Blog? How To Share Great Content For Free


Let’s say you’ve written the perfect blog post (or you’ve hired someone who’s up for the task), and now, you’re ready to publish. It seems like your work here is done — or is it? The truth is, excellent content needs to cut through the noise, and for that to happen, the right people have to see it. It isn’t enough to write a masterpiece; you have to market it, too.

Perhaps you’re now wondering about free blog promotion opportunities. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Below, you’ll learn all about marketing strategies to reach your target audience with high-quality content. Social media posting and email lists are just the start — read on to forge your path forward.

10 free blog promotion tactics that are worth the time and effort

As you choose the best places and ways to promote your blog, consider your audience (who you’re trying to reach), where your customers come from, and how you can vary your promotion strategy. You should share your content on a host of platforms that target your audience. You want to get the word out there, but you also want to be strategic about how you spread it. Here’s how.

1. Share your content on social media

An easy starting point is to share your content on social media. There are, of course, a lot of social media platforms, but when it comes to content marketing, several channels reign supreme. 

  • Facebook. With 2.96 billion monthly active users, it’s almost strange for your business to not have a Facebook presence. it’s best to set up a Facebook page for your business and share your most recent content there. It’s also helpful to join relevant Facebook groups where you can promote your content.
  • LinkedIn. Since LinkedIn is a social network for professionals, it’s a natural avenue for sharing your latest articles or posts. In your LinkedIn posts, you should showcase your expertise and keep it succinct. Just like Facebook, you can join relevant groups and share your content with others there. Be sure to engage with commenters to gain even more traction!
  • Twitter. Many people use Twitter as a source for news and curated information, so it’s another top platform to share your content. Twitter favors brevity in its posts, and many people view a brand’s Twitter as its online personality. Your target audience may thus already be looking there for your latest content.
  • Instagram. With 2 billion monthly active users around the world, Instagram is a great platform for promoting your content through visuals. You can direct your followers to your content through videos, pictures, or infographics. You’ll need to link to your content in your Instagram bio for users to access it.
  • Reddit. Sharing your content on relevant Reddit threads is a great way to interact with people interested in your niche. This platform is all about authenticity and sharing a meaningful dialogue, so be sure to lay off the promotional angle and stick to facts and relevance.
  • Pinterest. Like Instagram, Pinterest is a more visual platform that features an emphasis on inspiration, ranging from cooking to fashion. Here, you can also create an infographic covering your article or “pin” a picture from your blog.

2. Create an email blast

You can set up a biweekly or monthly newsletter for your followers or customers to provide a steady platform to announce new material. When you share your latest content alongside enticing calls to action (CTAs) and quotes, you can encourage people to keep reading. You can also send emails that promote your content and newsletter, encouraging readers to enter their email addresses to sign up. 

3. Post in a forum 

Sites like Reddit and Quora are social media platforms that double as forums, so you should keep the content you share relevant to the topic. These sites are corners of the internet where you can find your online community and share your content with the people most likely to enjoy it. If they like what they see, they may be more inclined to sign up for your newsletter or organically check out your other posts. 

4. Optimize for SEO

Before hitting the publish button, you should do your research and incorporate SEO keywords throughout your piece. While it’s not exactly free blog promotion, if it’s within your marketing budget, you can invest in SEO tools to help identify the best themes and structure for your content. To get started, there are several free tools and plugins you can try to start gathering keywords and optimizing your content. 

But since your blog post is a living, breathing document on the web, search engine optimization (SEO) doesn’t stop there. With various SEO tools and SEO content writing services available, you can boost your organic traffic online after the piece goes live. You’ll be able to see what works or what doesn’t work based on an increase or decrease in clicks and traction. 

5. Repurpose it for other content

Your content should be malleable enough that you can repurpose it to share on additional platforms, such as YouTube or TikTok. For example, with short, digestible, and clever video content dominating the internet, you may want to promote your blog post with a 10-second clip. You can experiment with turning the key points of your blog into a short and snappy video. This way, you generate additional content from one article, simultaneously marketing it and casting a wider net to bring in a larger crowd.  

6. Share your content with people and companies you’ve referenced 

To further spread awareness and connect with other content creators, you can send your blog post to people and companies you’ve mentioned in the piece. If you cited someone else’s article or linked to their post, include them in your list of people to email or message on social media. You can send a personalized message applauding their well-researched writing. This can both help with your marketing strategy and grow your professional network.  

7. Pass your content along to fellow bloggers 

When building your online following and community, it’s helpful to add bloggers in similar fields to your promotional circuit. After all, staying heavily involved in your niche is how you can dominate it. You should reach out to content creators in your realm, promote their content occasionally, or even invite them to be a subject of a future blog on your site. This way, you can mutually benefit from each other’s online following — and each other’s free blog promotion hustle.

8. Look for internal linking opportunities

It’s good SEO practice to place links within your blog posts to your previous posts and relevant pages on your site. This helps search engines locate your content, and it keeps readers on your site consuming other content. You can include internal links before publishing articles, or you can add them after you publish the article as you publish more new content. This can be tricky to do naturally, but a skilled content writing agency will know exactly how to weave your links in seamlessly.

9. Try push notifications

When people visit your site or read your blog posts, you can ask them to enable your push notifications. If they do so, they’ll get alerts when your latest content goes live. The readers who opt into these notifications are more likely to feel up-to-date and engaged with your content and brand. 

10. Use tools for bloggers

You can use all kinds of tools to measure your site’s analytics, figure out what layout works best, and make other important content decisions. You can experiment with several free and low-cost options, like Google Analytics 4 (GA4), to produce a better product and bolster your promotion strategy. 

Why is it important to promote your blog?

The internet is heavily saturated with so much information, it’s almost incomprehensible to wrap your head around. It takes a lot to break through that clutter, and great blogging certainly helps, but you need adept marketing to get this content in front of the general public. Utilizing free blog promotion tactics can drive traffic to your site and get you more clicks, readers, and followers. 

Additionally, with an effective SEO strategy that involves naturally using keywords and adding internal links, your content can rank higher on search engine platforms. This gives you more visibility when someone turns to Google for questions and information. Someone might stumble upon your blog post and discover the numerous other services or resources you offer, transforming them into a returning user. And that’s the ultimate goal — people coming back for more. 

Meet your blogging needs with SCS Creative

A proficient content writer can navigate the nuances of information, storytelling, and marketing. Founded in 2015, SCS Creative understands that words matter. Blogging is a powerful tool in your marketing toolbelt, so we consider promotion strategy in our craft from the beginning. We see content and promotion as two sides of the coin, creating content that easily adapts to your marketing goals. The blogs and articles we’ve written have increased website impressions for clients and led to top search engine rankings. 

When you use SCS Creative’s SEO content writing services, you can focus on other aspects of your business and trust that your message is in good hands. We have the words you’re looking for — and the skills to make your job of promoting them a breeze. 

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