Get To Know Stellastra Superstar Jane Godiner


Our writers have one thing in common: they all have journalism experience that our clients benefit from with every piece of writing. Jane Godiner is certainly no exception. A journalism graduate student at Columbia University, Jane has been a valued member of our editorial team since 2022. She brings a reporter’s eye to every client she works on, like Red Bull, Fellow, and our commercial real estate clients. From art history to accounting, Jane is an incredibly fast and eager learner, quick to grasp the most complicated concepts and turn them into easy-to-read, fully optimized content. Get to know Jane!

1. Share a bit about yourself. How did you come into content writing? What do you bring from your professional background into content writing?

My name is Jane Godiner, and from my first semester of college, I knew that I wanted to write for a living. After working at my campus publication and in many communications roles, I crossed paths with The Stellastra Effect. I love writing content for Stellastra because I get the opportunity to pursue my creative passion and bolster the messages and values of other organizations. I am currently a journalism graduate student, and I feel that my commitment to the truth serves me well in content writing.

2. What are some of your favorite subjects to write about?

My favorite subjects to write about are food, culture, arts, entertainment, education, and business!

3. What are some unexpected areas of expertise you’ve developed while working at The Stellastra Effect?

I have learned so much about real estate and the business world from working at The Stellastra Effect. That’s another aspect of content writing that I love—I truly am learning new things every day.

4. At The Stellastra Effect, our focus is on quality front and center. How does that philosophy integrate into your writing and editing process?

I firmly believe that there is no one-size-fits-all for writing content. In my writing and editing process, I think carefully about each account and determine what type of voice, syntax, and format works for each of them. By taking that extra time to tailor my content writing to the specific needs of each account, I hope to champion The Stellastra Effect’s focus on quality.

5. What’s one piece of advice you’d give women in content marketing or SEO?

With content writing, using your voice is the name of the game — and as a woman, that’s incredibly empowering. Make sure that you’re finding ways to continue using your powerful voice as you prioritize the needs of your partners. I think that’s the recipe for success.

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