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It takes a village to make the SEO content writing world go ’round. At The Stellastra Effect, there are some incredible humans behind the scenes (or more accurately, keyboards) who keep the wheels turning, the lights on… insert another idiom here. We write hundreds of pieces of content each month, and it takes quite a lot of organization, scheduling know-how, and smarts to get it all done on time. Luckily for our staff and our clients, we have rockstar Natalie Hamingson at the helm as our Managing Editor.

As Managing Editor, Natalie works with the Stellastra team to ensure all content is produced to our high editorial standards. She works with our writers, leadership, and clients to make sure all brand standards are met, the facts are accurate, and that the SEO value of each piece is prioritized. She’s an accomplished writer herself, with bylines on topics as wide-ranging as kayaking with Red Bull, small business lending with, and meeting tips and tricks with workplace SaaS platform Fellow.

Get to know more about Natalie’s background in this quick interview!

Share a bit about yourself. What is your professional background? What did you bring from your professional background into content writing?

My name is Natalie Hamingson (pronouns: she/her). Prior to joining the Stellastra Effect team, I covered a range of subjects — including entertainment, lifestyle, technology, and even motorcycles, to name just a few — for almost two decades as a freelance writer. My background is originally in music journalism, but I prefer not to be confined to one subject. The best part of being a writer is that you can use writing as a vehicle for learning. Content writing is a great excuse to dive in and learn about something new every day.

What are some of your favorite subjects to write about?

Music will always be my first love when it comes to writing, but I relish the opportunity to cover any subject where you can use words to paint a narrative picture, even if it’s not my first area of expertise. Writing about anything sports-related like I do with Red Bull is a great example. (Check out some of Natalie’s work!)

What are some unexpected areas of expertise you’ve developed while working at The Stellastra Effect?

The Stellastra Effect is the reason I enjoy covering anything related to athletics!

At The Stellastra Effect, our focus is on quality front and center. How does that philosophy integrate into your writing and editing process?

I always try to go the extra mile when researching content for the Stellastra Effect. I want to make sure that every reader finds value in what I’m writing, whether they’re an expert on the subject or brand new to it.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give women in content marketing or SEO?

Connect with other great women content writers! I am so lucky to work with such talented women at The Stellastra Effect. Seeing the incredible work my colleagues produce helps my own writing!

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