SCS Creative Is Now The Stellastra Effect


A note from our founder, Stella Morrison.

Our agency started with a dollar and a dream.

When I started this agency in 2015, I moved — fast. I set up a Facebook page called “Stella’s Creative Solutions,” and I realized pretty quickly that this wasn’t the move. I shortened Stella’s Creative Solutions to SCS Creative, then enlisted one of my closest friends to design a beautiful logo that captured the elegance and quality I wanted to convey. I didn’t give much more thought to it than that. The name, and the company, were created in days.

Back then – just 8 short years ago – the content writing market was nowhere near what it is today. People didn’t yet understand the need for a boutique, quality-focused content marketing and writing agency. The options were full-time writers and freelancers. Full-time writers required salaries and benefits packages. Freelancers were not always dependable, and their quality oscillated wildly. 

At the time, writing was projected to become a mostly freelance profession within the decade. I wanted to be ahead of the curve with a roster of writers who could provide the high-end quality expected of in-house writers without the full-time commitment. 

Our time was coming. Then, in the blink of an eye, our time came.

A single-person shop transitioned into a small staff of freelancers, mainly friends from college and former coworkers who enjoyed the occasional side gig. Then, seemingly overnight, people got it. Marketers understood how we occupied that in-between space where we weren’t quite freelancers, but we weren’t quite full-time staff writers either. The phone kept ringing, and our staff grew to include full-time writers, part-time writers, and a managing editor.

With so much on my plate, it was easy to lose sight of our own marketing and branding. But as time progressed, the need to strengthen our brand for the rapidly changing content marketing space became clearer. It was time for a new name and look, and the long journey to (re)discover The Stellastra Effect began.

How — and why — we became The Stellastra Effect

Finding a new name is hard. Building a whole new identity is even harder. It should be no surprise to marketers, then, that it took nearly a year for The Stellastra Effect to make its debut.

I wanted the company’s new identity to reflect the quality of our content and the impressive results we secure for clients. An initial idea came to me while enjoying a spa day during the last week of 2022. (Side note: There’s really something to be said for the way a day off declutters your mind.). Time off be damned, I got right to work researching my great idea… just to discover that it would be impossible to call my own.

The weeks that followed involved lots of emails to legal experts, talks with trusted friends in branding, and lots of Googling and visits to It took about five months, but we finally settled on The Stellastra Effect.

It was perfect.

Drawing from the Italian word for “star,” The Stellastra Effect draws inspiration from the otherworldly qualities of the galaxy and the seemingly limitless and untapped potential of the universe at large. We think big when it comes to content — we’re unafraid to blaze trails and explore new ideas. And we do so with quality, accuracy, and finesse at the center of it all. 

Inspired by space, everything about The Stellastra Effect is designed to convey new horizons. We’re forward-thinking in a world that’s rapidly changing right before our eyes. A continually evolving workforce, a digital landscape that gets ever more crowded, *gulp* ChatGPT — the future we’ve talked about for so long is here, and now, we’re ready to meet the moment.

Not to mention, our content writing is out of this world. Quality is the one constant in the ever-changing world of marketing. And while I don’t have a crystal ball, I do know that our future is as bright as millions of shining stars.

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