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With The Stellastra Effect, content writing and editing takes your whole business, brand, and competitive landscape into account. The results hook readers while clearly and correctly explaining nuanced facts and ideas to your target audience. This compelling, informative copy that sounds like you — and converts.

The Stellastra Effect’s content writing and editing services win awards

Our agency won “Best Topic Specific Blog” for its content marketing program for California accessory dwelling unit (ADU) provider Spacial Homes.

Why B2B and B2C clients trust us for content writing and editing services

The Stellastra Effect’s collaboration in both the creative and writing process was indispensable in working with BlissLights. Stella, Max, and the rest of the team were always ready for any challenging topic or subject my team would throw their way and would successfully craft copy to suit the user needs and the SEO needs perfectly. Without Stellastra, BlissLights would not have seen nearly as much growth as they have, and I’m extremely fortunate to have worked with Stellastra and to develop personal and professional friendships with their great team.

– Kyle Swinderman,
Former SEO Project Manager & SEO Account Manager, Improove

Get these content writing and editing services

Blog and article writing, editing, and proofreading

The Stellastra Effect team is where former journalists and TV news reporters land when they shift their careers. Telling stories while maintaining quality and accuracy is at our core, and that comes out in every blog and article we write.

Web page writing, editing, and proofreading

Check off all your grammar and punctuation boxes, drive your target audience toward action, and reach the top of search engine result pages (SERPs). At least two content editors from our team ensure that each website page we create for you is crisp, clean, actionable, and unforgettable.

Case study writing, editing, and proofreading

Potential customers want to know how you’ll get them results. We write, edit, and proofread engaging, data-rich case studies to form thrilling narrative arcs that make your worth undeniable. You’ll show leads exactly why they should become customers.

Landing page writing, editing, and proofreading

Excite your target audience and get them to sign up for a demo or download an exclusive report. (We write those too!) Our professional content editing services ensure that your copy instantly hooks people directed to your content from paid ads — and keeps them reading.

The Stellastra Effect is trusted by these great organizations

…and many more!

How The Stellastra Effect content writing and editing services work

1. We get to know you in and out

We learn all about your products, services, and unique selling points. Our writers and editors review your current web and social media content, style guide, and your past marketing efforts to get a feel for your branding, especially your voice. 

2. We dive into your field

The best web content boasts an unquestionably expert voice, with authority that fortifies your web presence while proving you’re a leader in your field. We spend ample time researching and learning about your niche so that this authority pervades every inch of our writing. Plus, if we have questions, we know exactly who to ask: you!

3. We outline your content

Professional web content writing and editing services are nothing without outlines to start. We balance SEO, user experience, and website design while creating guideposts that reflect what your competitors’ content is — and isn’t — doing. We’ll gladly take the lead on this process, work alongside other content, SEO, and marketing experts, or follow your precise vision.

4. We write the first draft

With your outlines given the stamp of approval, we dedicate writers to your account and get them moving on your copy. Our writers pour their knowledge into your content while heeding SEO best practices to drive your exposure.

5. We conduct three rounds of review

All content we write goes through three rounds of proofreading and editing before you get your draft. Our approach consistently yields content that looks and sounds like you while clearly delineating what makes you special. You’ll spend minutes, not hours or days, reviewing and approving your content.

6. We edit again — this time, based on your feedback

On top of our built-in three rounds of editing, we also conduct a fourth review based on your feedback. After that, your content is good to go. Hit “publish,” take a deep breath, and let that smile come over your face: The results you need are right around the corner.

See The Stellastra Effect in action. Download our case study!

Read our case study to learn how the content we wrote, edited, and proofread for LED lighting company BlissLights increased their visibility by more than 600%.

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Meet the content writing and
editing team

Our team is where former journalists and TV news reporters, as well as aspiring novelists, go to keep their skills sharp. Learn all about our crew of content experts below.

Why choose The Stellastra Effect?

B2B and B2C businesses across industries trust our content writing and editing services because:

We embody your business. Our content writers and editors fully take up your brand voice and create content that demonstrates expertise in your field.

We know your field. Our writing team’s background spans a diversity of niches, and yours is likely in the mix. And if you’re chartering new territory, we’re here to learn from you!

We’re SEO masters. We prioritize key SEO copy considerations in all our writing and editing. Our content spotlights all your unique value propositions while being optimized for people to find it — and love it.

We fold in the rest of your marketing plans. Great content works best with other great content. We lean on your library to create intuitive paths to other relevant content on your site, while working with other stakeholders to ensure the content works on social, email, and more.

Content writing and editing FAQs

How do content writing and content editing differ?

Content writing is the process of putting words to the page in the first place. In content editing, other people review the initial draft and make beneficial changes. If content writing is like cooking a meal, then content editing is adding the salt and pepper — and you wouldn’t eat an unseasoned dinner.

How do you choose the right content writing and editing team?

The right content writers and editors for your business will bring ample copy skills and subject matter expertise to the table. Look for a team that knows grammar, punctuation, and mechanics as well as SEO and your field of expertise. A team whose writers have storytelling backgrounds — journalism, TV reporting — and easily take on any voice or subject matter is key.

How many writers and editors will work on my content?

One writer assigned to your account will initially draft your content. Thereafter, at least two editors will conduct at least three rounds of review. There’s another editor on your content, too — you! Offering your feedback on the thoroughly reviewed drafts we present you is key to our process, as is our making the corresponding edits.

Who writes and edits content for the web?

Experts in writing, editing, proofreading, research, reporting, SEO, and brand voice write and edit web content. It’s a nice bonus if your web content writers and editors already know your field too. That said, the best content teams can quickly learn about any niche — and instantly bring an authoritative voice to your copy.

Does The Stellastra Effect rewrite, edit, and proofread existing content?

Yes! It’s paramount to review your existing content for ways to maximize its SEO and add information for which your target audience is newly searching. We’ll make the copy edits and additions necessary to seize these opportunities while keeping your current content alive and thriving.

Jump to the top — and stand out from the pack — with content writing and editing services

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