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Our e-commerce content writers work under an expert with extensive background in copy for web content, collateral, user guides, packaging, and so much more.

The e-commerce field is crowded, but our copy always stands out

Our founder launched The Stellastra Effect after several years working in brand identity and copy for consumer electronics, outdoor lighting, and soft home accessories across all channels, including e-commerce. This means we know exactly what makes e-commerce content rise to the top and help clinch sales for your company. We get our e-commerce clients the attention they deserve through clear, compelling, optimized product descriptions, user guides, blog posts, and so much more.

Trusted by our clients

Stella, Max and team have been an invaluable extension of our content marketing team. They tackle each writing assignment with thoughtful research, strategy, and precision. Their partnership has been crucial in helping us deliver successful campaigns for our diverse client base.

– Kim G.,
Barrington Media Group

Services our e-commerce content writers provide

Website copy

All e-commerce starts with your website and product listings — it’s where customers first encounter your brand and decide to buy from you. That means your e-commerce website needs to be clear as crystal and clean as a whistle.

Through our e-commerce content writing services, every product and category page on your site will vividly detail your offerings and unique value propositions. This information is detailed to help shoppers fully understand your product experience, which has been proven to reduce the returns that affect your bottom line. Our writers also prioritize SEO in all copy to maximize your search engine rankings. We don’t just create content that fills your website — we write copy that search engines love.

SEO ecommerce content

Website content also encompasses blog posts that gradually build strong relationships between your brand and your customers. We’ll write these blog posts for you to target highly-searched, end-of-funnel phrases and reach customers ready to make purchasing decisions. We’ll couple this key SEO consideration with other optimization strategies to maximize your blogs’ exposure and connect you with high-quality leads.

Product descriptions

Each product description on your website is more than merely an opportunity to tell customers what you’re selling. It’s also an opportunity to build your company and its products as the best in your field. We keep this top of mind when crafting product descriptions, folding in your brand values and most precise selling points to successfully balance these needs.

Product guides

Get creative with your customers. Whether for holidays gifts or everyday use, product guides help your customers envision your products in their hands and homes. Our team creates compelling, interesting, and helpful product guides that drive sales.

Amazon A+ product descriptions

Online shoppers expect product listings rich with graphics, videos, and images, and that’s where Amazon A+ product descriptions come into play. These listings also require copy that presents key information, drives sales, and builds trust and authority. Our e-commerce content writers create high-quality content that both reads well and effortlessly converts potential customers on the world’s largest online store into new buyers.

Social media copy

Social media has transformed into an e-commerce marketplace all its own, so you need compelling copy to drive traffic, conversions, and shopping right from the social media platform they’re scrolling. Your presence where people spend hours per day will be that much stronger.

Content optimization

Let’s say your website is already stacked with product descriptions, yet you’re still not reaching your e-commerce sales goals. You might not need an onslaught of new content — you might primarily need to revise what’s already on our page. Through our optimized content services, we’ll edit your current content to read better, maximize your search engine visibility, and get you the leads you need.

E-commerce marketing collateral

We’ll write copy for any other e-commerce marketing materials you can think of — newsletters, ebooks, point-of-sale posters, you name it. If it’s part of your ideal marketing and branding strategy, it’s part of what our e-commerce content writers will create for you. Don’t be afraid to pitch us on your wildest collateral ideas — we’re more than open to discussing our role in any type of content.

We’ve written content for these brands — and we can do it for you, too!

How The Stellastra Effect works

1. We get to know you

We’ll look at your e-commerce business’s entire internet presence, from your web pages down to your social media channels. We’ll also assess your brand deck and style guide, research your niche, read customer reviews of your products, and size up your competitors. This way, we truly come to learn everything about you and what makes you shine.

2. We decide a path together

Whether you need product listings, item descriptions, or comprehensive product guides, we work with you to plan your content from start to finish. Taking a holistic and comprehensive view of your entire marketing plan, we select and plan the best path forward to ensure you get hte most bang for your buck.

3. We get to work

With our outlines approved, the writer or writers dedicated to your account start putting pen to paper (or, more accurately, hands to keyboard). They’ll write in your brand voice, from your perspective, while offering actionable advice that leads to sales.

4. We revise, revise, revise

All copy we write goes through three rounds of internal revisions before it heads your way. This way, your e-commerce content arrives in tip-top shape. We want you to spend minutes — not hours or days — reading over your copy.

5. We polish your content

Everything we write automatically includes one round of editing from our clients. Let us know your feedback and we’ll fine-tune your content to your precise liking.

6. We high-five

With your new content in hand, it’s time to do what you do best — sell your products.

See The Stellastra Effect in action. Download our case study!

Learn how our work for e-commerce lighting brand BlissLights ballooned their page-one rankings and helped them secure direct sales on their websites, not through Amazon.

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Meet our award-winning writers

We’re more than e-commerce content writers. We’re also award-winning former journalists, TV reporters, and aspiring novelists. Get to know us below.

Why choose The Stellastra Effect?

Highly experienced with product copy. Our founder launched The Stellastra Effect out of several years of supervising collateral, user guide, packaging, and web copy for leading consumer electronics, outdoor lighting, and home brands. We know exactly what your e-commerce content strategy needs because we’ve seen firsthand what’s worked for the very biggest names.

Brand voice masters. No two e-commerce brands sound exactly alike, but we always sound like whichever client we’re writing for. Our clients regularly praise our understanding of, and adherence to, brand voice across all types of content we create. We’ll unify your presence across your user guides, blog posts, and everything in between.

SEO scouts. Great content includes exciting copy and ideas. Unparalleled content includes this alongside key SEO considerations without setting aside the importance of natural-sounding, readable copy.

A team, not a one-person operation. No e-commerce copywriter, content writer, or other wordsmith can go it alone. That’s true both figuratively — teamwork makes the dream work! — and literally. Since we’re an agency, we don’t stop when one person is out. Plus, we always have someone on staff whose background dovetails with your niche. We’re more than just your e-commerce content writers — we’re an extension of your team.

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