The Banana Bunker Moment: A Case Study In Good Content


When I speak with future clients, they often ask why a professional needs to handle content management for them. Clients know that content is important, and they know that it can be as easy as typing a provoking thought on your phone and sharing it with the world.

In reality, content strategy takes time, thought, and care, and nobody of late has demonstrated that better than Groupon.

Groupon selected an… um, intriguing item for promotion. Putting aside that they were sold out before the campaign began, it was clear that the Banana Bunker’s rather suggestive shape and hilarious use was bound to attract the Internet’s funniest armchair comedians. A savvy content manager, like Groupon’s Bill Roberts, knew that this item had the potential to generate “the biggest and most positive post in Groupon’s history.” (Read the full interview on AdAge.)

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No bananas were harmed in the making of this blog. photo:

Roberts had the winning recipe here– a captive audience, a sexually-suggestive product, a catchy name for said product (Banana Bunker? A+!), and the foresight to know that this was going to blow up. And blow up it did. Not only did the posts receive thousands of responses, but the team had the foresight to analyze, prepare, and control how they reciprocated, creating  (what quickly became) viral content and a playground of self-promotion in the process.

In other words: Groupon won.

While there is never a guarantee that a post can blow up like Groupon’s did, planning goes a long way in any social media strategy. Here’s what Groupon did right that you can re-create in your own “Banana Bunker” moment:

1. There should be thought into every action you or your company performs online. Don’t post something for the sake of populating your social media– post it because it means something to your followers and fans.

2. Understand that your public face is public. Don’t think that people aren’t looking at your page just because only one or two comments appear on each post. Future, current, and even past customers can see what you post– make it count.

3. People get a kick out of your company replying to their post. Remember that addressing your customers or fanbase on Facebook goes a long way, even if it’s just a “thank you” for your job well done.



A sound investment, indeed.

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