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What is White-Label Content?
How does a white-label content agency arrangement work?
White-label content benefits
Why SCS Creative is right for your white-label services?

Whether you work in marketing, PR, SEO, or web design, chances are that your work involves plenty of content. Presumably, many of your clients have hired your agency to expand their reach, grow their audience, and get customers. That’s great – you know your team can make that happen. But what if your clients start asking you to create their content, too?

At first, you might be tempted to task your current employees with content creation, but that’s not what they were hired to do. Saddling them with yet another task can distract them from their other important everyday tasks — not to mention, if they’re not writers, you might end up with some bad content. 

Your next thought might be to build out a brand-new content writing service team. While this is a solution to the problem, any employer knows that creating new jobs comes with costs beyond compensation. Launching an in-house content writing team means paying more employment and payroll taxes, paying benefits, and the time and labor it takes to train and maintain this new department. 

What if you could incorporate content writing services without the work and costs of hiring new employees? That’s where white-label content comes in.

Through white-label content services, you can add content writing to your company’s suite of services without hiring new employees or adding more work to current employees’ responsibilities. We would know – we’re a trusted white-label partner among many types of companies. And that’s why we’re excited to go deep on the most common questions about white-label content and how it could benefit you.

What is white-label content?

White-label content is content written by a third party, often a freelancer or a content writing agency, that’s marketed by and sold as part of another agency’s services. A white-label content agency is used to create great content when, although your company doesn’t have the capacity to do so in-house, you want it to appear that your business does have this capacity. Any type of content writing can be offered as white-label content under your company’s brand. Blogging, website content writing, press release writing, and SEO content writing are all commonly marketed and sold under white-label content arrangements. 

The difference between white-label content and other types of content is not the content itself. What changes is the way it’s delivered. If your company uses white-label content, you may not disclose to your client that you’re using a third party to produce their content. Similarly, you may wish to present a third-party content writer as part of your team, even though that person may not be a full-fledged employee of your company.

How does a white-label content agency arrangement work?

The standard white-label arrangement allows your company to expand its services without new team members, onboarding work, or additional work for current employees. White-label content writers also craft their copy under your direction rather than your client’s, and eliminating creator-client communications may make your company look more knowledgeable. A white-label arrangement also means that, since your company is providing white-label content services and presenting them as in-house services, you own the content and can use it as you please once all fees are paid to the writers.

You and your content provider can work together in a couple of arrangements. Select the one that’s best for you:

  • Pre-packaged pricing: Your content provider gives you how much each piece of content costs, and you then provide that figure to your clients as part of your proposal.
  • Hourly services: If your client has authorized a certain number of hours to work on their project, you can then pay a white label service for the number of hours allowed by the client.
  • Custom pricing: Some agencies prefer to receive custom quotes for all white-label content jobs. 
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Once the deal is done, you’ll enjoy a fruitful, long-term relationship with your white label content partner!

White-label content benefits 

Now that you know how companies like yours can use white-label content services, you probably have at least some sense of why you should outsource your content needs to a white-label content agency. Now, let’s go even deeper on the benefits of outsourcing content creation to a white-label content creation agency. 

Enhances both content and SEO

Of course, your content marketing efforts will go nowhere without copy as engaging as it is primed for SEO. Your white-label content agency will have the skills and experience to achieve both. Some white-label content teams hire former journalists who know how to get to the bottom of a story and dig up the most interesting things about virtually any subject. Their journalism background also makes them excellent at interviewing your client to determine exactly how to position the white-label content. Plus, white-label content agencies bring ample expertise in improving and refining copy, so you can turn to your agency of choice when you need to finalize edits with your client.

Expands your agency’s services

If your company’s clients need high-quality, informative, relevant writing to meet their goals, you can outsource this work to a white-label content agency that acts as an extension of your team. In other words, if you and your colleagues specialize in content placement and promotion but can’t create the content, you can hire a white-label content agency to fill that gap.

You should always appear capable of creating, not just marketing, content for your clients, and white-label content services can make this appearance a reality. By outsourcing such a crucial marketing element, you expand your services without spreading your team too thin or hiring another full-time employee. Plus, with this outsourcing comes additional staff members and services to list on your website. 

Lower-risk service expansion

Since white-label content services entail outsourcing your content creation services rather than hiring new employees, they’re a far lower-risk way to expand your suite of services than are traditional employee models. Not only are the total costs of white-label content services lower than the costs of hiring new employees, but terminating your relationship with a white-label content agency for any reason is far easier. You also won’t have to worry about finding enough work per week for a full-time employee, and you’ll add to your agency of choice’s list of clients. White-label content is a win-win value proposition for you and your new team of content writers – not to mention your clients.

Saves your agency time

Let’s say you currently assign your company’s content creation tasks to non-content departments. Your employees are going to have a lot more to do, and not only will the quality of your company’s work suffer from thinly spread employees, but the pace at which your employees can complete their other work will probably decline too. White-label content services solve this problem.

Instead of trying to distribute a new workload among the same staff, assign it to a third-party content agency. Doing so allows you to more quickly fulfill your clients’ other marketing needs while focusing on your standard services. As your white-label relationship develops, you’ll save even more time – the white-label writers you hire will become as familiar with your company and clients as are your team members. And trustworthy team members are the crux of efficiency.

Make a profit

You can mark up your white-label content agency’s prices every time you sell content creation services to your clients. In this way, white-label content services introduce additional profit opportunities for your company – all while expanding your service offerings and more.

Adds a valuable partner to your referral network for your services

Not every content agency has in-house marketing services. Even those that do likely don’t offer every service that your firm does. This service gap can drive referrals your way.

Let’s say your white-label content agency starts working with a company that needs not just content creation, but PPC and web design. If your white-label content agency can’t offer these services, it will likely refer this new client to another company for PPC and web design – and that other company might just be yours. 

You don’t get just regular project assistance from white-label content agencies. You get future clients, too. This referral network expansion brings you more money and allows your white-label content agency to demonstrate value to its other clients – a symbiotic relationship if there ever was one.

Why SCS Creative is right for your white-label services

At SCS Creative, we provide many clients with white-label content services – and we’re eager to do the same for your company. Whether your company is a marketing firm, a web design business, or an SEO agency, we offer the flexibility, pricing, transparency, and industry trust you need in a white-label content agency.

We’re happy to be white-labeled in any way that works for your company. Want us to be a silent partner? Our lips are sealed. Prefer to list us as staff members on your website? We’ll act the part. We’ll make whichever arrangement you prefer work for us too.

Additionally, when you use our white-label content services, you’ll always know who’s writing your content. We’ll never outsource our work overseas or to poorly qualified writers as do so many large content writing agencies. We keep a small, committed staff for a reason – quality over quantity is our unyielding mission.

Our small staff has never kept us from consistently going above and beyond for our clients. We have a steady track record of success with PR, SEO, and web agencies who rely on us to fulfill all their content writing needs. We also price our services so that you can easily make a profit from upselling them. Contact SCS Creative to request a quote, tell us all about your white-label content needs, and learn all about your new white-label content creation partner.

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