Get To Know Stellastra Superstar Shayna Waltower


We’re proud to introduce one of The Stellastra Effect’s first staff writers, Shayna Waltower, in this profile.

Shayna joined our team in 2021. She brought experience in TV journalism, radio broadcasting, and live production to our team. Her keen eye, attention to detail, and enthusiasm for all things tech make her our resident expert in crypto, AI, and fintech. Learn more about Shayna.

1. Share a bit about yourself. How did you come into content writing? What do you bring from your professional background into content writing?

I’ve always loved writing. I remember getting my first “journal” (it was only a small spiral notebook) when I was five. Several years later, my interest in public speaking led me to pursue a journalism degree, with a goal of becoming a TV news anchor. Fast forward a few years, I was working on daily deadlines shooting, editing, and reporting news stories on live TV every evening. However, I felt the tight turnarounds for stories limited my creative expression, and I knew I needed to pivot into something different. Content writing became that “something.” In the years that I’ve been writing content for digital platforms, I’ve enjoyed researching and writing on topics across several industries. It’s something I always enjoyed about reporting — always learning about a lot. Now, with writing, I’ve been glad to put more of my creativity to work.

2. What are some of your favorite subjects to write about?

Cryptocurrency and AI. I was already heavily researching crypto before I started content writing, so I found that writing for companies within this space came fairly easily. The growth of AI software and tools is also pushing many businesses to explore the use of such tools. It’s been exciting learning about the many ways this field will likely revolutionize how people work.

3. What are some unexpected areas of expertise you’ve developed while working at The Stellastra Effect?

I’ve written quite a bit about meeting scheduling software and productivity strategies over the past few years. I often find myself using the techniques I’ve written about to manage my day-to-day tasks, whether that’s creating a task prioritization structure or laying out an actionable meeting agenda.

4. At The Stellastra Effect, our focus is on quality front and center. How does that philosophy integrate into your writing and editing process?

Proofreading. Sourcing. Editing. Double-checking everything to make sure it’s accurate and reads well.

5. What’s one piece of advice you’d give women in content marketing or SEO?

Don’t hesitate to add your own flare to your work. You don’t have to call attention to your voice to insert a bit of personality that adds an extra human touch to your work. Readers want content that’s relatable and reads like it came from another human.

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